MBL Owners: The "Why" Behind Our Choices and the Search for the Ultimate "Wow" Factor

Today, I'm reaching out to this vibrant community with a topic that's sure to spark some fascinating discussions and share the magic we've all experienced with MBL's extraordinary audio creations. As proud owners (or admirers) of MBL products, we've each had our unique journey that led us to choose these masterpieces for our audio setups. I'm eager to dive deep into those stories, the unforgettable "wow" moments, and ponder what the future might hold if we ever decided to explore beyond MBL.

  1. The Initial Spark: What was the pivotal moment or reason that led you to choose MBL? Was it a particular review, a friend’s recommendation, or perhaps a mesmerizing listening session that left you spellbound?

  2. The Wow Factor: MBL is known for its unparalleled soundstage and immersive listening experience. Can you recall a specific track or moment when the MBL magic truly hit you? That instant when you knew there was no turning back?

  3. Future Gazing: While it might be hard to imagine, if there ever came a day to replace your MBL setup, what would be your choice? Is there another brand or system that piques your curiosity or could potentially match the awe-inspiring experience MBL delivers?

Let's turn this thread into a treasure trove of personal anecdotes, technical discussions, and perhaps even a wish list for our ultimate audio setups. Your insights not only serve as a guide for potential MBL owners but also celebrate the profound impact high-fidelity sound can have on our lives.

So, let's get this conversation started! Share your journey, your moments of audio bliss, and your dreams for the future of your sound system. Whether you're an MBL veteran or simply dreaming of one day joining the ranks, your stories are what make this community a haven for audiophiles from all walks of life.

Looking forward to reading about your sonic adventures and the paths you've traveled in the quest for the ultimate sound experience!


I just heard these for the first time at Florida Audio Expo and it was the most incredible listening experience I've ever had. Incredible sound coming out of these weird things. 

My first exposure to MBL was in early 2000s eBay.  Their classic integrated amp from this era with black and gold cursive really caught my eye, so I began researching the brand.  Their speaker design always stood out to me and was my endgame goal.  Still wish I had purchased that integrated since I learned from a dealer, they're commanding roughly 4-5x the price these days.


Went through more than a few upgrades since then and own a pair of MBL 101s now.  I have everything tuned well enough so anything I put on sounds close to a live performance.  You don't get the bass drum kick feeling in your chest as you do with an actual live performance, but everything else is on par.  I go through different moods, but have found some amazing tracks I like to show off my setup with (or just sit back and unwind to: 

  • Fleetwood Mac's live album, The Dance, is incredible.  Rhiannon and Silver Springs in particular have these chimes that seem to float around you. 
  • Stevie Nick's Leather and Lace remaster, with it's floating hardly strummed acoustic guitar and synth melody is also one of a kind. 
  • Journey's 2024 remaster of Faithfully also has this moment where the drums sneak up from the side then appear in front of you.
  • Phil Collins In the Air Tonight is a classic that takes you on quite the trip before its epic drumline kicks in.
  • For the full orchestral range, I love Afro Cuban All Stars and Buena Vista Social Club.  Afro Cuban All Stars' Los Sittio' Asere has layered vocals alongside these blaring trumpets and a blanket of instruments that really highlight MBL's magic.
  • Tom Odell's Another Love has a wide piano with focused voice that gets broken up with this intensely enveloping choir that's a really cool first listen for people that have never heard MBL before. The Lumineers do a similar thing and also great demo tracks.
  • Finally, Pumped Up Kicks by Foster The People.  They do this thing where they reverse the voice with the drums where the lead singer's voice comes from all around and the drums are actually the centered voice then the chorus comes in.

Too many others to list, but those are my current favorites.  My SO prefers stuff like Jeff Buckley's rendition of Hallelujah.  Just to add...  I'm a disabled veteran and the MBLs are my therapy.  I've had a great time and gotten lost in other speakers, but they didn't allow me to 'meditate' to the level of my MBLs.  On my bad days, I can step away, turn on my system and drown out the world.  The only thing that's come close is drugs (and I don't believe that's a viable long term option).


For alternatives, I love Michael Borresen's design and own a pair of his Scansonic's.  I was exploring his new line and almost pulled the trigger on a pair of 02.  Borresen is an excellent engineer, but his designs definitely come at a premium.  Much prefer the MBLs and my SO also thinks they "look cool" so I'm sticking with MBL for the foreseeable future.


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