MC 275 tube amps with what speakers ?

What speakers should i buy to go with mc 275 VI i will have two of them. My room is the den 18 feet long 18 feet tall. Someone told me i might go with some Planer speakers. I need some ideas.
I have read (never heard) that Eggleston Works Andras sound good with these amps (search this and Speaker forum). While I have not heard this specific combination, I will say that the Egglestons are among my favorite speakers. While I own and love the Andra's little brother, Fontaines, I have heard the Andras (previous version) and would upgrade to them had I the funds. Good luck with your pursuit.
Sonus Faber Elipsa SE's. Wow...what a combo that would be.

uhh...definitely not Planar speakers. I've owned 4 pairs of Planars and they love power.
I have 2 MC 275 mkV. I use them in mono configuration to drive the top end of my Infinity RS-1B's. Plenty of power in my 16 X 26 room.

Rick (RWD)