Mc Anna , Graham Phantom Tonearm & TW AC3 SYNERGY

Hi everyone ,

Im currently thinking about these combination for my next upgrade pretty soon.
I have not heard yet this wonderful things and maybe you guys can share your thoughts and experiences with this idea of mine.

I have now the Mc Anna and about to pay for a used TW AC3 TT without arm.

My sincere thanks for all your suggestions.
I've read the Kuzma 4 point does things better than the Graham.

I've heard both and agree on the Kuzma.

Though whether it is suitable for mounting on the TW I'm not certain.

Good Listening,

I heard both and even the Graham Phantom 1 does things better than the
Kuzma 4P.
But not on a Raven, the Graham show very fast its weak points, the soft
sounding Kuzma hides much more.

Before listening :-)

Full option Raven with Kuzma 4P

Full option Raven with graham Phantom

A few of our comparison units ...

Listened to that combination multiple times....
Hello Syntax,

"the Graham show very fast its weak points, the soft sounding Kuzma hides much more"

Please, will you say more about the Kuzma 4 PT being "soft"? What is your reference system? What arm and cartridge do you prefer?

I have a Technics SP10 MkII in panzerholz and want to upgrade from my Acos Lustre ST-801 to either the SME V-12 or the Kuzma 4 PT.

Thank you in advance for sharing your experience.

Best Wishes,

My guess is that these combination probably will not be ideal. I have not heard Anna but heard A90 so this is a bit of a guess here, assuming that there is a family resemblance. However, I have Graham 12 inch arm and TW.
Depending on your taste and type of music you listen to, it may still work. I tried Air Tight PC-1 supreme with TW/Graham and did not like these combination very much. Excellent bass and slam but the midrange left me a bit cold. You get all the detail, clarity and extension but not a lot of body, very little decay (especially with Graham IC-70 phono cable), rather lean and dry presentation. Graham/TW works better with Dynavector XV-1s. In comparison, XV-1s has more full body, thicker sound, a bit more roll off on top, darker sounding that just seems to balance out Graham better on TW.
My guess would be that Anna would share similar problem in the midrange with Air Tight. However, I heard A90 works beautifully with Graham on Clearaudio Innovation Wood.
Air Tight works much better on TW with Reed tonearm however. I have not heard Kuzma so I have no idea how that would go.
Dream audio

Forget about what Syntax and Suteetat are dribbling on about .

I own the ac-3 and the A90 and a Phantom. They are only lean if your system is lean.

I am sure combined with a phantom it will sound superb.

What is the rest of your system?
Dreamauduio, I can't help you with the Phantom/Raven combo but I would listen to Halcro on this one. BTW I have two arms, a Triplanar VII and a Raven 10.5 and they both work great on my Raven AC. Not trying to pursuade you from the Phantom but its nice to know there are other options.

One thing I would not do is slap three arms on the Raven. What does that accomplish? Makes for interesting pictures?

Good luck.
I second Tdaudio's comments. I use the latest version Triplanar and a Transfiguration Orpheus with my TW AC. If you want the best from this combo I encourage you to buy the SRA Platform Jeff Catalano of High Water Sound sells and uses under these tables or the Symposium Acoustic Quantum if your finances allow. The TW 10.5 Arm is superb too. If you have a true AC3 with 3 separate motors, you might want to consider TWs new 3 motor single box option. I bought mine just a few months ago and it is an incredible step forward from a single motor if that is what you are using. Call High Water Sound and talk to Jeff.
Elinor, what size Symposium stand do you use for 3 motor single option, Thanks.I also am using Black Night Power supply and Black Night VTA arm board.Im also going to get Transfiguration Proteus cartridge,

I'm not certain if you are saying you have a Black Knight TT or a Raven AC with the new round 3 motor box or you are using the Black Knight motor with the scalloped edges? Just so you are clear, I have a Raven AC and the new round motor box with 3 motors inside of that box. I ordered my Symposium oversized in case I ever find the money for the BK table. I measured the actual footprint and 25 X 17 would probably be OK but if you want a bit more comfort 26 X 18 would be better. Hope that helps.

Another new motor and controller revisions?? How many is that so far from 2007 ??, Hmm ,How can so few be right about this table with so many that love it? Could be TW customers are happily tone deaf.
And yes my conclusions mirror Syntax's.
Elinor,Hi i have Raven AC1 with Black Night Battery power supply,Black Night arm board and feet am getting New round 3 motors.I have ordered 28 1/2 wide by 20 1/2 Deep Symposium Ultra with Stealth black top.Thanks.
TW people love the table In shore we are not deaf Dude.If you don't that is ok we really Don't care!!
The Phonostage to match with mc anna & Phantom OR tw 10.5 arm is AVID Pulsare. I'm listening 80% Jazz 10% Vocals 10% Classical. I do believe in synergy for same brand but it's not always the case which everybody knows.
Ebm, how would you describe the change to the Black Night PS in terms of sonics. Thanks in advance.
Black Night PS tunrtable got very very quiet much blacker background.,deeper stage as well.