Mc Anna , Graham Phantom Tonearm & TW AC3 SYNERGY

Hi everyone ,

Im currently thinking about these combination for my next upgrade pretty soon.
I have not heard yet this wonderful things and maybe you guys can share your thoughts and experiences with this idea of mine.

I have now the Mc Anna and about to pay for a used TW AC3 TT without arm.

My sincere thanks for all your suggestions.
Elinor,Hi i have Raven AC1 with Black Night Battery power supply,Black Night arm board and feet am getting New round 3 motors.I have ordered 28 1/2 wide by 20 1/2 Deep Symposium Ultra with Stealth black top.Thanks.
TW people love the table In shore we are not deaf Dude.If you don't that is ok we really Don't care!!
The Phonostage to match with mc anna & Phantom OR tw 10.5 arm is AVID Pulsare. I'm listening 80% Jazz 10% Vocals 10% Classical. I do believe in synergy for same brand but it's not always the case which everybody knows.
Ebm, how would you describe the change to the Black Night PS in terms of sonics. Thanks in advance.
Black Night PS tunrtable got very very quiet much blacker background.,deeper stage as well.