Mc Anna , Lyra Titan or DynaVector XV 1s

Hello there. I am about to make a decision for my next cart to match my system as follows : A90 Cart > SME V arm > Oracle Delphi VI TT > Cardas GR cables & Transparent Ref Speaker Cable > MIT oracle power chords > Avid Pulsare Phonostage > Modwright LS36.5 Dual Mono Preamp > Pass Labs XA 100.5 monoblock > Dynaudio Evidence Temptation > Shunyata Hydra Line Conditioner. Room size is 5.0 x 6.0 mts. My system is quite revealing and prefers a bit warmer tone but with dynamics and details and of course a realistic soundstage. Suggestions are highly appreciated.
Hmmm.. I have a slightly different take on Air Tight vs Atlas.
I also have XV-1s in my system and I have to say that while it is excellent, big, punchy bass, big huge sound, it does not quite have the refinement of PC-1 supreme or Lyra Atlas. XV-1t is going to be a comparable cartridge to these 2. I almost got the Anna Netrebko but put that planned on hold as I just ordered Minus K platform and am thinking of changing one of my tone arm first. Depending on where you are though, Anna could be significantly cheaper than Atlas and is probably closer to XV-1s/Titan but in the US certainly it would be closer to Atlas/1t.

In my system, I had both PC-1 Supreme and Atlas on Reed 3Q on my TW Acustic Raven AC-1 running into either Lamm LP2 or Aesthetix Io Eclipse. Lyra was running into Lyra Arion SUT when using Lamm. Air Tight was running into either Ortofon T100 or the new Dyna SUT into Lamm. I found Air Tight to be a bit leaner, sweeter, more delicate tone, a bit more extended on top, bass is not as big but as tight and deep. Lyra was actually a touch warmer in my system. It would be a hard call between the two but right now my Air Tight is on Graham which I never could get to sound the way I really for the type of music that I listen to most often but I prefer it on certain type of music over Lyra/Reed but I only listen to those type of music may be less than 10% of the time. So for now Lyra/Reed is what I prefer until I find a more suitable arm for Air Tight.

I have compared the Titan i to the Airtight PC-1 (not the Supreme) in my system and, using the Airline arm, the Titan sounded more 'spotlit' in the highs, the mids were natural and the bass was deep; by comparison, the Airtight sounded richer, but not at all sluggish and to my ears, in my system, more satisfying. I think the contrast between the Atlas (which I gather is a better cartridge than the Titan i) and the Airtight Supreme is similar in nature based on Albert's descriptions in his thread.
Gentlemen , thank you very much for a very helpfull suggestions and for sharing individual experiences on each cart with different arms. For now the ortofon dealer offers a trade in of my A90 & other audio gear i have which will lessen the cash out for d Mc Anna. However im afraid that because of that deal i might be tied up to Ortofon sound. I am open for a new sound but have no a close idea how does a DV xv 1s , Lyra Titan or PC1 will sound with my system. May i narrow down my curiosity between PC1 and McAnna & DV XV-1s sound difference ?
These are all outstanding carts and you really can't go wrong no matter which you choose. If you like the A 90, then the choice should, IMHO, be obvious.
A lot of cartridges sound very similar to each other, of course not
identical, but at the end of day it is the way it is. The Titan i is good but it
doesn not make so much sense when you own A-90 already and you
want something different. The XV-1s is different, but imo nothing
special, slow, anemic and simply much too expensive for that kind of
"Standard". DeKaitora Rua is much better in everything... The
Anna is brand new, of course it gets the ultra Hype based on that but
here is the same story, A-90... Anna?
When you want something really different, musical, something which
gives you the impression of the real thing sound, think about a Zyx
Universe. It is also a perfect match to your Arm.