Mc Anna , Lyra Titan or DynaVector XV 1s

Hello there. I am about to make a decision for my next cart to match my system as follows : A90 Cart > SME V arm > Oracle Delphi VI TT > Cardas GR cables & Transparent Ref Speaker Cable > MIT oracle power chords > Avid Pulsare Phonostage > Modwright LS36.5 Dual Mono Preamp > Pass Labs XA 100.5 monoblock > Dynaudio Evidence Temptation > Shunyata Hydra Line Conditioner. Room size is 5.0 x 6.0 mts. My system is quite revealing and prefers a bit warmer tone but with dynamics and details and of course a realistic soundstage. Suggestions are highly appreciated.
Dear Dreamauduio: +++++ " My system is quite revealing and prefers a bit warmer tone..... " +++++

I know very well almost all your system items but the Pulsare and the preamp and obviously your room.
I like the Pulsare design especially is fully balanced ( as the cartridges are. ) and is an active high gain design so no SUTs down there that always makes a heavy signal decgradation, my only concern with the Pulsare is that little high RIAA frequency deviation that for a SS design is " weird ".

I can't see where could comes/generatyed overall sound where you need a warmer audio link as the cartridge. The speakers/amps are IMHO of high resolution type but IMHO nothing that could needs warmer audio links, so something is not working in that whole audio chain.

In the other side and knowing that Oracle/SME always were marketed together and depending on the cartridge you own ( the Anna. ) I think that down there maybe you could achieve a different sound with a different tonearm that could match with the Anna one and with your system.

Depending on that tonearm IMHO every one of the cartridges name it here can shine in your system. I don't agree that the XV-1s is a " standard " one when in the right set-up it compete with any other top cartridge problem is that maybe what is a " standard " performer is the audio system of the person or his music/sound priorities yhat posted about.

Anyway, think a little on a different tonearm for your Oracle, it could be a nice alternative along your Anna.

regards and enjoy the music,
Hi lot's of great comments above...what arm cable are you running off your SME V? This is a critical do have a good cartridge...I've owned 5 I might have a bias...

I killer arm cable might be your next move depending what you have today...
Hi Jfrech. Im using Cardas Golden Ref XLR for my tonearm cable.

Your comments and thoughts are highly appreciated.

Hi, I'd say you have a significant upgrade options available here. In the magnitude of a cartridge swap. Some tonearm cables I'd consider are:

Purist Audio Designs, Proteus Provectus Praesto
Transparent Reference w/mm2 or above

Cardas makes a GREAT cable for the money. Can't argue that. However for more money it can be significantly bettered. In your system, the tonearm cable off the SME V is arguably the most important cable..
... the tonearm cable off the SME V is arguably the most important cable.

May I suggest to do a rewire first inside the SME Arm before spending a lot of money for the tonearm cable? It is well known that the SME inner cabling is nothing special and a rewire will give the most bang for the buck...