MC cart, can I use MM phono preamp?

I am thinking of a Shelter 501mkII cart, but I only have a preamp with a MM stage. Could I use that cart with the MM only pre or am I better off looking for similiar valued, classed MM cart? If so which one would you recommend?
Yes, but you will need to amplify the signal. Low output moving coils have 1/10 or less the output of typical MM ones. High output MCs are often usable directly into MM inputs. The Denon 110 is a good example available at a good price/performance ratio. But even the High output ones have lower output then MMs. Why does anyone bother with MCs then? The majority of audiophiles think they sound better, not everyone agrees but most top end audio systems use MCs, check members systems for confirmation. There is no answer to your question, it is solely a matter of taste. If you want to go with MC get something like the Bob's Devices step up transformer I use, it is about $395 and will enable you to use your present MM stage with MCs. Or get a top current MM like an Ortofon or Audio Technica 150 ML? I forget exact designation but it available from one web seller for $299. Or Raul and others will tell you to get a leftover MM from bygone days like one of the NOS Ortofons available on Ebay. All of these are reasonable approaches and any, executed with care, will give you good sound. Go to Vinyl Engine and Audio Asylum and do some reading before deciding.
You can build the " $395" transformers for about a lot less than half of its asking price yourself. The transformers only cost about $100-110 a pair including shipping. If you are in Southern California, you can pick them up at the factory too.

Go to Audio Asylum and type "Cinemag" and you will find wealth of info about them. You want the "Ground Lift" switch that is the same of that employed on the trasnformers being sold for $395? No problem. Just post the question at AA and you will get the answer.
Before you do any of the above, find out how much gain is available from your MM phono stage + linestage. Those data combined with the known output voltage of your chosen MC cartridge, usually stated in terms of millivolts (mV) measured at a frequency of 1kHz and a velocity of 3.54 or 5 cm/sec, will help you decide about a Step-Up Transformer (SUT). I agree with Amandarae, if you feel competent to solder, a SUT set-up is easy to build yourself, and you will end up with better transformers for less money. Jensen, located in SoCal, is a great company that makes excellent SUTs, and their website will tell you how to implement them to get the gain you need.
Just to quickly throw it out there... but CA640p gets very rave reviews from both MM and MC camps... maybe I should just give little box a try? But does it make sense to have a ~$200 phono preamp on a ~$1000 cart???