Mc Intosh vs other brands

I read a thread recently that a guy was looking for an amp for his Magico speakers. He said he tried out a Mc Intosh amp, Audio Research, Pass and Spectral. He said that the Mc Intosh sounded slow and muddy compared to the others. He went on to say that Mc Intosh is behind the times and is just living on their reputation.
If somebody told somebody who knows somebody who told that McIntosh sounds too slow compared to the other brands, such conclusion that probably based on visual specification comparison where direct-coupled amp would have much faster rise time than one transformer or capacitor coupled, doesn't mean that you or anyone else will experience same.
Paul, The McIntosh lost out a long time ago. The golden age happened in the 70's. Some of the best amps in existence were built then. Just about Everything on the market today is a result of the design breakthroughs that occurred back then. are probably correct. I am just so impressed when I get to listen to a high-quality system. Be it McIntosh, Cary, Carver, MBL or even some of the Chinese brands (Audio Space, Antique Sound) I am blown away. My point was the design quality is so great, people should just go listen and let their ears guide them.
Your statement makes no sense, and I wonder what you even know about how sounded then let alone now.
I think the "golden age" is now since well designed new stuff sounds a LOT better than most older designs, and is generally much less expensive now relative to quality...and I do remember the 70's gear well.