MC phono on VTL TL2.5

Is this good enough for some great vinyl record playback?
Sorry, Will be using with a dynavector 10x5 cart and the rest of my system. Just wondering if keeping it simple w/internal VTL option board is wiser than getting outboard Dynavector P75.

Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.
I looked at the vtl TL 2.5 and its phono section recently.

TEchnically, I think I recall it would work alone with most MC cartridges save perhaps those with very low output, like a Denon DL103R. I think a step up device of some sort would be needed there.

The Dynavector is high output I believe though so it should work fine I would think.

I personally would have tried the built in phono first before going outboard were I to go with the VTL, but if you know what you like, or depending how finicky you are regarding phono playback, you certainly could use an outboard phono preamp as well.
Cool thanks Mapman, I'm in the midst of hooking up my first TT and dont think I'll be too finicky but we will see!

Cannot wait!