MC275 Tube Rolling...

I would love to roll some tubes with my MC275 (the current production version V) It is highly appreciated if all you who are experienced drop a few lines... I would like to know about the tubes that you have ever rolled on this machine from the beginning until the end, the sound characteristic for the each of them and the one which you settled down with and of course... why the choice... Yeah, I am clueless of what tube to get since there are so many out there... All your inputs will be extremely valuable to me. Thank You So Much!
Lots of talk about this tube so I bought a quad set; hopefully, what I've read will be duplicated in my system...
5 years later, I have settled down to the following tubes...

KT88 Gold Lion
(will try black treasure one day)

V1 (12AX7A)

Mullard Blkburn GP 12AX7A

V3,4,6,7 (12AT7)
Sylvania Gold Brand TMBP 12AT7wA (aka 6201)
I've never owned a Mac amp. I'm presently using a Music Reference RM-200 but I just want to inform some of you , who may not aware, of a very little talked about KT-88 tube. It's called Canada Fuller. I've read it's designed in Canada and manufactured at the Shuguang plant and I wish I could find more information on it besides that. My favorite KT-88 before that was the Golden Lion. But this tube, to my ears, has better bass, and more detail in the mid range as well as in the highs. I first bought it from Parts Connextion, but now I can only find it on eBay. It's a sexy looking tube and so far, after over a year of using it nearly everyday, it seems to be reliable. Just a heads up, for some reason the prices have risen nearly $80.00 since I first purchased it. But I intend to buy another set as a back up. Just my 2 cents and a recommendation.