mc452 vs 601 vs. pair mc275 for classical music

I have a choice between a brand new mc452 vs open box 601 vs two mc275 for around the same price 

preamp choice of c2600 vs c22

current speakers Vienna acoustics mozart grand, mcd550, ma6600, and Rel S5 sub

i like the warm mc sound of my current system

will likely upgrade speakers, but don't know which ones to get

my room size is 18x18 sf

choice of music mostly classical 

would appreciate recommendations from those who have the above setup 
I owned a MC275 MKV for a few years.  Great, gutsy classic amp with all around good performance, that sounded better than any solid state amp I've owned.   I have a strong affinity for tube amps, so solid state would not even be a consideration for me.
I had one MC352 then two MC352's, then switched to two MC601 monos which I preferred. I then tried one MC275 v6 and then added a second MC275 v6 run in mono to compare. I liked them all but with a direct comparison with a C2300 preamp my favorite was the MC601 monos. I still have the MC 601's and have sold the other amps. I also have switched to a C1100 preamp which has also added to my musical enjoyment. If I hadn't done a direct comparison I would have been happy any of the combinations. 
What are you folks thinking about the new amps, 452 is now the 462, and 601 is now the 611.