MC5200 or a MC275 with preamp

So I finally get to upgrade my amp situation. I am ready to pull the trigger on a MC275, and then find a preamp. However, I have read great things about the 5200. I have also heard the 5200 in person and that system sounds great. Also, the 5200 would save me a substantial amount of cheese. But the 275 is tube. So my question is: is THIS tube amp really significantly better than this solid state amp? I only listen to vinyl (mostly jazz and blues, with some classic rock). Thank you in advance for your insight.
I owned an MC275 paired with an Aesthetics Calypso preamp and it was one of the best amp/pre combo's I've owned. I have no experience with Mac's SS integrateds, but can say with confidence that the MC275 will not disappoint. I'm also very pro tube amp.
I just got a Mc275 VI and it sounds amazing. Playing it with an MC2300. The thing you will notice up front is a much warmer less digital sound. Good luck with your decision.
If the MC275 is within your budget and provides the necessary power to properly drive your speakers I would recommend that you go for it!
Like Pdreher, I also own (2) MC 275 running mono for my Infinity RS 1-B's on the mids and top end. I also have the Calypso pre and Rhea phono...magic!!!!

RWD (Rick)
"So my question is: is THIS tube amp really significantly better than this solid state amp?"

Its a difficult question to answer. You're the one that has to listen to it so it really comes down to what you think. Both are excellent amps but it looks like you only heard the MC5200, and not the 275.

You really owe it to yourself to listen to a 275 before you get one. If it will drive your speakers, chances are that you will like it. But there is no gaurantee. Its possible you may prefer the SS amp.

A couple of other posters recommend the Aesthetix preamp. I do too.