McAlister Audio

Hi everyone,
Has someone any experience with McAlister amps (from Canada) ?

Thanks for any information,

Hi Tlon,

I got my McAlister PP-150S 75WPC push pull amp in Early October. It replaced my Rotel RB-1090 amp. The sound is warm and inviting, with absolutely no fatigue. Vocals are detailed and natural. The biggest surprise was with the bass. Deep, tight, clean accurate bass! At high volume the amp follows the music. Nothing rolls off. I am having him build a tube pre amp with phono section now.

To me the appearance is plain, while some say it looks rough and crude. It is an incredible value for the sound it produces. Horizontal output tubes are not scarce and reasonably priced. The only drawback is having to wait a few weeks as he custom builds them by himself. The external power supply has a slight inductance hum to it. I put some Dynamat under the transformer to quiet it up.

Look for prices to go up after the first of the year. He does custom work as long as his design isn't compromised. Here is a thread you can follow on it at Club Polk.
A couple of members have ordered one so they will post their thoughts after they get them.

I have no affiliation with McAlister other than being a satisfied customer referred by another satisfied customer.

Rich O
Let me tell you a short story about Peter McAlister. In early June, 2011 I contacted Peter about purchasing a pair of his OTL-195 amplifiers. We agreed upon a price, and about 3 weeks later I received them. Immediately it was apparent they both had a distortion problem. For the next eight days Peter told me how I should adjust them, but nothing solved the problem. I then sent them back to him, at my expense. He said he would get me a new pair immediately. Three months later, and under the threat of legal action, I received a new pair. Immediately, I was not happy with the hum from the separate power supplies. I'd estimate it at 75 to 80 db. I could hear it plainly from thirty feet away! Again Peter said he would get me new power supplies "immediately", That was Sept. 21, 2011. It is now December 22, 2011, and I have not heard from him since November 14, when he said he "almost" had them completed, and would call me the next day. He never called, and I have not heard from him. I have written, and called him, but he has not emailed me or returned my call. I might add, he stated he had played them for several days before getting them to me, and they were wonderful! R E A L L Y !!!!!!