McCormack dna-1 upgrade or no

I have a McCormack dna-1 with a older gold rev a mod to it and I was thinking about sending it back to McCormack for another upgrade.From what I understand the next step would be around 2500.Should I do the upgrade or sell the dna-1 take the money from that and the 2500 and upgrade to either a new or used amp?

I use Nht 2.9 speakers Btw.Thanks Bob


I don't know if anyone has bothered to mention it yet...but...the amplifier is a more serious performer than the NHT 2.9's. Consider selling the speakers, and keeping the amp.

I really don’t want to go to crazy I’m happy with the sound of the nht’s.There is always bigger and badder out there.I know the McCormack is the old kid on the block, but I really like the combo sounds like the house is split I have ALL Nht stuff in my system and I worked really hard to piece it together Just feeling out what you guys all think.I guess as long as I see the two little green lights through the top all is good.