Mccormack DNA 2 vs DNA 225


Are there any similarities between the DNA -2 and the DNA 225?
I'm not sure. I've owned the DNA-2 LAE (Limited Anniversary Edition) and now a DNA-2 Revision A. The LAE was rated by one reviewer as the best solid state amp (of many) back in 1998. As good as it was, the DNA-2 Revision A is simply quite superior to the LAE.

I would buy the DNA-2 simply because you can have it modified by Steve McCormack at for about $2500 to a Revision A $3k for a Rev A Gold upgrade where in both cases he basically guts the amp and rebuilds much of it with some of the best and/or better aftermarket parts available.

After which, you'd be asking the question: "are there any similarities between the DNA-2 Rev A Gold and any other amplifier?"

A good amount of Steve's revisions are already incorporated into the 125, 225 models. He is going to be announcing mods for the "25" series amps soon - so you won't be stuck without them for long. My guess is the 225 sounds better than a stock 2. But certainly a Rev A 2 would beat a stock 225. Now a Rev A 225 vs. a Rev A 2 would be worth auditioning.

Hello Ajpat -

All my amplifier designs share the same pedigree, so there are inevitable similarities. The DNA-225 is a newer design, so it includes a variety of improvements developed since the DNA-2 was created. On the other hand, the DNA-2 is somewhat more powerful and is laid-out as a dual-mono topology, so it could be said to have certain advantages. Which amp is right for you depends on several factors, and I would be happy to go over these with you. Please e-mail or call me directly.

Best regards,
Steve McCormack
I do not own either but have been told to try to get the older versions DNA1,DNA2 over the new ones because of the build quality and sound . Is there any truth to this?