McCormack DNA-750 good?

Thoughts? where to find a review? Considered a top tier amplifier?
Any info is appreciated, there is not much in google land as far as reviews, or much of anything.
I owned them. Very good sound. No noise turn on or off. Beautiful stage. No SS hash. They were sold for 5k pair at the end, great bargain.
Why did you sell your pair?

You did not like them? Reliability issues? Poor sound quality?

If you could have another pair for a descent price, would you purchase them? I am trying to find out as much about them as possible.

I am looking for a superb pair of reference amplifiers. Would these be on par with reference amps?? Thank you

I own a pair of these amps. All I can really say about them is that they sound very good from top to bottom.

They do have a lot bite.
They do not run hot like Class A amps.
They have lots of power and will drive any kind of speaker.
The reason I purchased them is because my speakers are Aerial 7bs and require a good amount of current.

They are large and heavy 65 lbs. each.

If your speakers are difficult to drive these will do the job. There are lots of different amps out there to choose from it is a matter of preference. Mitch2 is correct they were designed by Conrad Johnson.

Upgrades are done by Steve McCormack starting at $1000 to $10000 per amp.

I spoke with Steve about how much difference in sound quality from stock to upgrade. Unless your willing to spend at least 2000 and up there is no significant difference.

Your question are they on par with reference amps, depends what you classify as reference amps. Like I said they are very good amps.
Are these on par with pass labs, Macintosh , etc etc. ? Or, are these not in the same league?

From what I have researched/heard, these are right on par with the big pass & Mcintosh, I just wanted to get other opinions, and as many as possible.
I don't know whether they are on par with Mac or Pass labs I have not heard those amps, but I do know that pass labs is in a league of its own. If money is no object then go for the best.