McCormack DNA-750 good?

Thoughts? where to find a review? Considered a top tier amplifier?
Any info is appreciated, there is not much in google land as far as reviews, or much of anything.
Since you asked, I suggest you not rely on "everyone's eyes" when making your amplifier choice but rather rely on your ears. I suggest you listen closely to the 750s before you purchase a pair. I have no doubt they are powerful but they also do not have the universal reputation for musicality of the older McCormack amplifiers (e.g., DNA-0.5, 1, 2, 125 and 225 and 500). I would listen to any of those you can in order to gain perspective and to form an opinion.
Buy them! 2009 is not old, you can always resell if you don't really like. Is it a hassle, yes, but most of the time listening first is not a realistic option. Go for it.
These were purchased pretty much sight unseen a couple weeks back, I wanted to get thoughts from people on them.
They arrived about 5 days ago, all I can say is I will never let these leave my house, maybe upgraded, these are my reference amps, and I highly doubt there is better, even if I do spend much more on pass labs class a stuff, the point of dismissing return would apply. These McCormack/Conrad Johnson amps are just amazing. From low volume listening, to the ability and aggression of a charging rhino shi*ting glass, these amps are absolutely amazing.

Detail, relaxed, etc etc, I can go on, but you get the picture. I am done for a long time with looking for the perfect amp. !!! Sigh
Well there you go. I won't be selling mine for a long time either. Now check out Fidelizer pro add that, and you will have sonic improvements.
Huh, I just found out, after reading the name on the amp boxes, these were owned by Dan Babineau.  Didn't he run the power surge/conditioner company???