McCormack Power Drive DNA-2 Deluxe for Maggie LRS?

Just found a local DNA-2 for sale.  This is the Deluxe with supposedly some upgraded parts.  Strongly considering purchasing to power my LRS.  Anybody use this amp for Maggies?  Definitely seems to have enough juice.  I am currently using a Mc DNA.5 and while it sounds great, I do notice a little bit of strain at times.  If the 2 has the same smooth sound with power to spare it should be a winner.
I'm sure you could hook up 4 of the LRS to that amp and have zero problems  ;)   100A current. 900w if it dips into 2 ohm?  That amp would just say "Hold my beer...."    ;)
Look at the DNA-2 pictures on my system page.  Yes, it definitely has the juice and it will also provide a bit of a mid-bass bump compared to the other McCormack amps.  If you are newer into this hobby, you may do better by getting another DNA-0.5 and having Steve McCormack do a monoblock conversion.  Even if you don’t have the money now, you could later have SMc upgrade those amps to a pair that will drive almost anything and will sound just stellar.  He did that for me with a pair of DNA-1s. You don’t have the same option for a similar level of performance with the DNA-2.  OTOH, if you simply want a good sounding amp with plenty of power and no desire for future upgrades, then the DNA-2 should meet your needs.
Check with Steve on the input board of the DNA-2 to see if it has the same failure issue as with the DNA-0.5.  In case you’re not aware, once the input board fails it’s not repairable, which is why you should check on this and be aware your 0.5’s days are likely numbered.  Sorry to be a buzzkill, but just FYI. 
What. Is your budget. ??

Sanders Magtech is an amp which will drive any load, if you have the juice to feed her.

One of the finest amps you can buy.

enjoy the hunt.

the McCormack is a darn fine amp.
    At 86db 1w/m and 4 ohm, 
the wonderful Magtech,... would feed those,Maggie’s a hefty current and at about 900W. If you change speakers, you will be able to drive them with ease, no matter the load on the amp. 
A wise investment.