McCormack Power Drive DNA-2 Deluxe for Maggie LRS?

Just found a local DNA-2 for sale.  This is the Deluxe with supposedly some upgraded parts.  Strongly considering purchasing to power my LRS.  Anybody use this amp for Maggies?  Definitely seems to have enough juice.  I am currently using a Mc DNA.5 and while it sounds great, I do notice a little bit of strain at times.  If the 2 has the same smooth sound with power to spare it should be a winner.
What. Is your budget. ??

Sanders Magtech is an amp which will drive any load, if you have the juice to feed her.

One of the finest amps you can buy.

enjoy the hunt.

the McCormack is a darn fine amp.
    At 86db 1w/m and 4 ohm, 
the wonderful Magtech,... would feed those,Maggie’s a hefty current and at about 900W. If you change speakers, you will be able to drive them with ease, no matter the load on the amp. 
A wise investment. 
The DNA-2 is somewhat different from the other DNA amps in that it was designed by Dave Reich from Theta Digital.    The DNA-2 uses a dual mono, true stereo topology, while McCormack's other monster stereo amp, the DNA-500, and their converted DNA-0.5 and DNA 1.0 monoblocks, are differential/balanced amplifiers where two complete amplifier sections drive each channel.  While there are advantages to both topologies, the dual mono, true stereo topology allows the DNA-2 to provide a tremendous amount of current, up to 100 amps, as indicated in the manual here.

Regarding the input board issue discussed by @soix, I would recommend discussing that with Steve McCormack at SMc Audio since there are many of those DNA-0.5 and DNA-1 amplifiers still in service.  While I have no idea what might cause board failures or the incident rate, I  do know Steve can take your DNA-0.5 and rebuild it into an amplifier that far surpasses the original and that can compete with most anything out there.  He uses completely new, redesigned boards for the 0.5 and 1.0 rebuilds/upgrades so the condition of the original boards doesn't matter.  With the DNA-0.5 in particular, because there is additional room in the case, he typically increases the size and quality of the transformer to increase the current capability of the upgraded amplifier over the original.  You may be able to simply upgrade your existing DNA-0.5 amplifier and have both better sound and a higher current delivery capacity plus the ability to obtain a second DNA-0.5 in the future that SMc could upgrade and then convert both amplifiers to monoblocks.  Here is the SMc Audio website.  You should look at the "Video interview with Steve" - Part 3, which shows an example of the upgrades. Call Steve.
Interesting info.  Perhaps I will reach out to Steve.  Although I'm not sure if it is worth going through the upgrade route - shipping, etc.  The thought of shipping heavy gear gives me anxiety!  And I seem to remember seeing pricing somewhere for the mods and it's not cheap.  Nor should it be.  But, I can pickup this local DNA 2 and then turn around and sell the .5. 

Thanks for chiming in! 
Yeah, with the upgrades the waiting is the hardest part, and then the cost, until you hear the result after which the cost doesn't seem so bad, but the waiting still sucks.  However, after several projects with them, I have always been happy I did the project.  Depends on whether you want to play the long game.  Let us know what you think of the DNA-2.