Mcintosh 200 with rotel amp rmb 1095??? good or ba

does some one know if this is a good idea i want more power or do i just think so--i have b&w(703 front)(htm7 center)looking for rear speakers possibly(b&w ds6 s3)or b&w dm303) will it change the sound of my McIntosh in a bad way or a good (the amp that is) way or keep the sound the same cant afford Mcintosh amp or i would just do the mcintosh. manfred77 thank's
Do you mean the McIntosh C200 from the mid-2000s? If so, it was on the warm side of neutral but generally uncolored so it should be relatively transparent. That's what a good preamp should be.

But I'm not sure I understand what you're trying to achieve here. How did you end up with a $7000+ stereo preamp and a $1,000 5-channel amp? It doesn't make any sense in terms of balance, especially considering that your speakers are also at the bottom of the B&W range.

The McIntosh should have good resale value. If you want to build a home theater system that also does 2-channel stereo very well -- without the complication of bypassing the HT receiver or pre -- you'd be better off in terms of balance to:

(1) Sell the C200

(2) Take the proceeds and and invest in the RMB1095 amp you like along with any good Rotel pre/processor. Late model 5.1 used ones sell for as little as $300 on Audiogon.

(3) Sell your front two B&W channels and invest in something a little higher up the range or use them instead for rear channels.

At the end of the day, you'll probably have money left over and you'll have a nice, relatively simple and balanced system for music and movies -- especially since Rotel and B&W get along quite well.
no i mean the mht 200 a/v system controller it's a home theater receiver with 8 x 140 wpc.list price 6900 i got it from a friend dealer for 2700 it' 3 to 4 year's old a store demo from his store --but i thought the 703 B&W was number 3 on the list there is of course the nautilus then the 800 series then the 700 series then the 600 then the 300 series then the xt series the cm1 and so on, the 703 is a 3 way speaker power handling of 200w -120 on my center a (htm7 B&W) that's not the highest end but i did not think it was at the low end but I'm new at this and my friend moved to another state so I'm on my on, but are u sure my speaker's are on the low end 3 from the top ain't bad hell they cost 1500 each the center was 750 sound good. I think u got mine confused with something else -so look again. but now, I'm new at this and want to learn so fell free to tell me what u know I.m not rich but not poor i just wanted more power why i don't know was told i would get better performance out of my speakers with less volume look up my receiver then tell me what u think i would be grateful do u think my integra dtr-9.1 with the rmb 1095 would work better or just keep the Mcintosh like it is. and if not B&W then what? i know separates are better but i just could not pass it up at that price could by a new one i do have a wife!! i like your idea i dont have the rmb 1095 yet just thinking and u have me thinking now! look i know i wrote a book but i live in the boondocks and thanks for your time manfred77