McIntosh 275 power amplifier with Cary 98SLP preamp

I have a Cary SLP98P preamp and need a power amp to go with it. Looking at the newest version of the McIntosh 275 tube power amp. Would this be comparable or is there something else I should look at? Tried solid state amps with it and I guess I just like the full tube sound. The highs seem to be missing with solid state amplification at least for me. I have a Dynaudio Special 40 speakers and also a pair of Ryan 630 floor standing speakers. Thanks for any advice.
Get good matching tubes for the pre. I've used a McIntosh 7270, Cary V12R Cary CAD 120s thru my 98 P pre. The V12 R sounded good but ran hot as hell. The CAD 120s sounded better and ran cooler. I'm running Canary M350 monoblocks and they work the best with the Cary Pre. Legacy Audio Whisper speakers. Try to give a listen to the Canary's if you can. Best of luck. 
I don’t Have room for monoblocks unfortunately. I like the cad 120. There is an original version and a mark 2 version. Cary is out at the moment of the mark 2.i wonder which would bet better?
Get new hexfreds and Cardas caps put in the Mark I. The pre has enough gain in it so you don't really need the mark II. The 275 runs cool but doesn't have as much tube like sound. 

Polk432 Cary is out of stock on the Mark II. Supposed to be back in stock first of July. They have a huge sale going in right now and I can save a bunch in the Mark II if the sale is still going in when it gets back in. It would probably code to a similar price to the Mark I. 
I enjoyed my time with MC 275 MKV, but not sure it will provide enough current for your Dyn’s. Music Reference RM200 can be had at reasonable prices used and is designed to be used with speakers with demanding current requirements.