Mcintosh 462 stereo amp, good choice for b&w? Others

Is mcintosh 462 stereo amp a good choice to power 802 d3?  Seems it is, any other, or better options?
@mayoradamwest, just curious if you used the 8 ohm or 4 ohm tap with your 802d3’s?
I tried both and heard very little difference but settled on the 4ohm one. For my space, though, the non-ported 802 d3 just didn’t pack a low end punch. I tried integrating a sub but didn’t like that either. I actually use the 805d3 for my home theater (paired with a Theta amp) and an SVS-SB16 which wound great. The SB16 really fills the space. 
I also had some issues with lack of low end from the 802s...added a REL #25 and it greatly improved all frequencies and helped bring a "fuller" and less bright sound to the B&Ws.
I'm considering MC 462 as well - anyone ever compare them to Moon by Simaudio amps?
Why would you consider Mac when you think that so many people hate Mac?