Mcintosh 462 stereo amp, good choice for b&w? Others

Is mcintosh 462 stereo amp a good choice to power 802 d3?  Seems it is, any other, or better options?
I also have Mac and don't care what others think about it. I was being a little cheeky to emergingsoul because he started that thread about "Why do people hate McIntosh", and I found that annoying, because it's been covered so many times, and it always invites the same stupid uninformed comments each time, so it seemed like trolling to me.
I had no idea that he was actually considering the purchase of a Mac.
And will likely own 4 mac amps soon.  And nearly 10 b&w speakers.

just looking for a very nice tubie preamp

this is my life.
I have no distaste for Mac...just wanted to share my experience with that combo. In my opinion, a musical sub or two will help bring out the best of all frequencies with the B&Ws.