Mcintosh 6900/Klipsh Cornwall III - a good match?

Do they work well together?


My room is pretty small (15.sqm) and square so I'll have to put them right agaisnt the back the wall (is it OK?) and the distance between the front panel and my sofa (which is also right against the front wall) will be approximately 340 cm. Is it enough? Will they overpower the room?
Hey Elvick - here I am with my chainsaw. :) The old Mc tube amps - all of them including the reissued 275 - are incredible. I've owned both old Mc SS and Mc tube, and you now see what I ended up with: a MC240. The old Mc SS amps are not bad, just smooth and laid back. That has to be compatible with your system - otherwise they don't sound good. The tube amps are more detailed and have much better immediacy and pace but are pickier about the speakers they get mated to. So in the end, it still boils down to system synergy but in general, the Mc tube amps remain closer to neutrality than the old Mc SS amps in my experience.

It's all a matter of preference? I hated my 225! My Pilot, Fisher and Scott tube pieces were much better sounding. My Mac Solid pre/receiver was bulletproof.
I own Cornwall III's, initially driven by a MAC MA6600. At 200 w/ch, the horns were easily over-driven (when pushed to their physical stops at high volume levels) the distortion became quite jarring. I remedied that by using only the MAC's preamp section to drive a pair of Luxman MB3045 mono-block tube amps (50 w/ch). With this lash-up, the horns cannot be over-driven (to their physical limitation). I would like to try a 100 w/ch tube amp next, to see if I can't get a little more volume.
Reviving at 3 year old thread.....REALLY?? With this crazy hobby, Antonkk has probably had 10 different systems since then.