Does anyone know if McIntosh is shipping any amps. I ordered a pre-amp 2 months ago
In March 2021, I walked in and purchased a McIntosh MA352 at Magnolia in Costa Mesa CA right off the shelf.

The next week I ordered the MCD85 CD player from a small local (only McIntosh) vendor HiFI Haven, Whittier CA, since 1957.  The owner placed a call and got one for me in two weeks.  He claims to have a long-standing relationship with NYHQ going back to when his father first became a sole McIntosh dealer.

He confirmed there are delays on some items but says, he can get a number of items within the month ordered.

Maybe I just got lucky.

@mhass How do you like the MB50 as a streamer? Have you tried it as a preamp too? Thanks

I have an MB50…it’s ok, but crippled by the Play-Fi restriction and the bad app

Thanks @cherbib , I have play-fi through out the house except my home theater. I already use the app so realize its problems but I still like it compared to Sonos. 

Is the MB50 a good preamp as well as a steamer? I want to build a system using it and a pair of active/powered speakers, what do you think?

In that case, I think you’d be happy with it.  It’s very clean aesthetically and musically.  I’ve paired mine with an MHA150 and love the result.