Mcintosh amps...2 MC7300's, or 1 MC 352

Been trying to put together a home system and I am a little confused. I currently own a 300 watt MC 7300, and my speakers are the XRT18's. I am looking for better results, under the current system I feel the sound lacks punch. Talked to a few dealers and getting conflicting advice, my question is am I better off getting a second MC7300 and bridge with my current amp ( bridge or bi amp ), or should I sell my 7300 and go for the MC352. One dealer said watts didnt matter and I would be better of with the newer amp bc of dynamics and better technology. Any unbiased advice would be apreciated....thanks,
I own the MC7300 and got a chance to compare it with a MC352 at Audio Classics in NY. I did not notice any difference in the sound of the speakers I was auditioning. Therefore I would conclude that you would be better to pick up a used MC7300 and bi-amp them. I think you would gain more in power and sonics. Of cource you would still have an older amp, but with McIntosh's reputation with quality I don't think it would come into play unless that ment something to you as a buyer. All I know it that it would not bother me.
Thanks for your response, took your advice and got a 2nd 7300. My xtr18's only have 2 speaker inputs, is bridging my only option there?