McIntosh and Brystons: Fair comparison ?

lets talk about solid state amps for the Mc and the Brystons.
Are these amps in the same league ?
How is there sonic signature different from the other ?
thanks for the insight.
Davvie, I've heard both (Bryston/Mac) as well and couldn't agree more! See my post above if you like...
What speakers were you using to compare amps?
Dordevic,At the time I had the Bryston and then the McIntosh amp, I was using Legacy Focus speakers. I would consider them to be excellent sounding.I would have kept them but just could not tame there low-end response in my listening room. Three 12in. woofers per side was just too much to deal with.I'm now using Tyler Acoustics Woodmeres.
Ultimate tweek #1
All I know is that butter smeared on my speaker cables make the sound smoother and faster and taste better.
Just like 2k cables sound way better than $500 cables.
With any steio gear it comes down to what "You" like the sound of ! I am very one eyed towards SS as it has so much more punch and control compaired to value and the good SS Do have warmth - I havent listen to the Bryston but I did try the Mc when looking for a new power amp and as good as it was I know have a LFD PA2M SE driving my speakers.
I owned the Legacy Audio Focus 20/20's and loved the Bryston sst amp. I heard absolutely no hint of brightness or etched sound. In fact, the Legaqcys are so warm sounding compared to every other hi end speakers, it would take a lot to ever make them sound bright. The are rolled off on the top end. The Focus 20/20's are my favorite speakers of all time, dont get me wrong, I was just stating my findings. I would buy the sst series Bryston in a second if I was going to invest serious money again.