McIntosh Announces Mc451 Dual Mono Power Amplifier

New hybrid amp from from another big name. What’s your opinion on hybrid amps, positives and negatives of hybrids vs SS and Tube amps. 



@crustycoot   Most of us understand the aesthetics are very important with brand recognition, just wish they could offer a toned down cosmetic version in some models. Almost purchased the C22 Mk. V preamp but the over the top cosmetics vs. the Mk. III version which had an appealing vintage look was the deal breaker. 

You can also use this like it’s two separate amplifiers. You can run to full input signals to two separate sets of speakers if you wanted to. Or you can do the Byam route. I did this with 2601 model blocks and a Mac 275. The sound was fabulous I’m sure that this is no less.

Looks like a heck of a beast to move around, much too heavy to move at my age. Have to agree with Stereo5, let the bashers begin their rants! I do wish they would quit introducing new models every other month, however. 

I'm looking forward these puppies powering my 801D4s.  Can't wait!!!!  I'll post a review shortly after break-in.  I'm replacing my Michi M8s.

@ surfmuz   Interested to hear your review. As an owner of a pair of 901's, I have no doubt you will love the sound and experience of the 451's. There's a huge difference in power between the M8's and 451's however. I'm curious to learn how this difference in power affects your system. The hybrid Mac amps sound incredible and integrate very well. It's actually amazing how well the two amp sections blend. I've put together a couple dozen different bi-amp configurations over the years and none have come close to the 901's in integration and performance. I've used the internal crossover and run w/o as two separate full range amps with excellent results either way. Currently using the internal crossover to Analysis panels with no passive crossovers in line.