Mcintosh C15 vs C36 or C34v

Hoping to get some advice here.

I recently bought a vintage  Mcintosh MC7150. It sounds really smooth and silky with vocals and brings out the soundstage with a tad of warmth but still quite detailed. However, somehow the bass does not have enough weight or slam though it is quite tight. This is in comparison with my previous MC7100 which the MC7150 replaced.

My preamp is Mcintosh C15. It serves me well but at upper registers it can  get slightly shrill. Am thinking would I be better of with a C36 or C34v preamp? What would be the difference in your opinion? Better smoothness, bass? 

My speakers are Living Voice Avatar II and it's quite sensitive at 94db at 6ohms

Happy to hear your views.


@sid42   Thanks for sharing. For most songs the C15 is quite clear, rather involving and refined but for some songs,  the upper registers can get slightly shrill.  Not sure if is the the recording of these songs or just the amp.However, the C15 is quite a nice preamp and  more of a recent production in vintage terms compared to the rest I have indicated. I was told to better the C15 I need to look at C40 or above which is currently above my budget. So I may just keep my C15 for now. I still do enjoy it. 


My system comprises:

Living Voice Avatar II Speakers @6ohm

Mcintosh C15 preamp

Mcintosh 7150 power amp

Node 2i with LHS power supply

Electrofluidics cables for speakers

Infiniti Signature cables for amps