McIntosh C22 (old & new) vs C2600

I'm trying to decide between buying an old school C20/C22 preamp versus a modern C22 or C2600. I've never owned McIntosh before, but just bought a mint condition MC225 power amp and I'm looking for a nice preamp to use with it. I've heard it's best to stick with point to point wiring (though I don't know why sonically) it just seems like perhaps the best signal path? I think the new models incorporate printed circuit boards so I'm not sure what that does (if anything) to the sound produced. Can anyone who's actually owned or owns these models give me some advice on why I should choose one or the other and what the benefits might be to use an older model versus updated technology. My primary use will be vinyl and CD. Or maybe offer up other preamps as well, though 6k price range is about the limit. 


I purchased a C20 and had audio classics restore to spec. It is excellent and in many ways I prefer it over modern solid state. I cannot personally compare to modern tube, though, aside from an icon audio integrated I own that doesn’t get much playing time. I’ll say this, with most speakers, especially horns, I prefer my C20 paired with Marantz 8B over a McIntosh C53 with MC462. This has led me to think highly of vintage tubes.

My Mc225 amps pair best with the C50. The synergy is undeniable in my system. Going on10 years now. Have not had a chance to hear the C53 yet.

I’ve had a c2500 about 5 years with a Mc 275 tube amp. New Harbeth 40.3 speakers. Couldn’t be happier with the 2500. Great sound and the tuning options are all there. 

I have owned a C220 for about 12 years and I love it.  I did roll the tubes to some Millard reissues.  Sounds great.  I think the 2600 is similar to the C220, plus meters and a better phono section.

You cannot go wrong with the 2600. I had one for a few years and sold it for what I paid for it to get the 2700. No reason for the upgrade, just want too.