Mcintosh C220 pre

I purchased a C220 yesterday to run my MC352 and have a question or two. How do you burn this unit in properly? Do I leave it on with a CD signal feeding it for a few days? Can I leave my power amp off? What can I expect in terms of sound when it is broken in? Will there be more detail, better imaging etc??? Also should I have some spare tubes around? If so, which tubes do you recommend that could add a bit of upper mid detail? (I have read the C220 can be a little lean in dealing with those frequencies)

I look forward to any opinions!!!
Based on my experience with a C2200, break-in should not be a major issue. I left mine running with a CD on repeat and the amps off for several hours per day over the course of a week (plus normal listening time). Preamp tubes last a long time. Some users enjoy tube rolling and find compelling differences. Others do not. You might log on to discussion boards at where you will find lots of varying opinions on this very topic. Have fun with it. Skip
Congrats on your purchase. On my C2200 it seemed like after just 10 hrs it was nice and then it just gets a little better and better. I wouldn't think about rolling tubes until you've broken it in and got acquainted with its sound "in your room with your speakers", then ask for some advice one what you want to enhance. Do you have a tuner you could use instead of the CD?
Definately wait until you know what you have before tube rolling. You will stagger around aimlessly otherwise. There is no rush - only time to learn. Take it easy and enjoy your excellent preamp.