McIntosh C2200 vs Shindo Aurieges for Shindo Monti

Hi Everyone,
Any of you experience on these two preamps running with the Shindo Montille driving the Devore Fidelity Gibbon Nines? My room is 20x25x10 ft.
Calvin, I do not have direct experience with a Macintosh pre with Shindo amp and hopefully someone has, but I have heard the Mac with Mac components and I own the Shindo preamp.

The Shindo pre is the piece I would grab if my house was on fire. Everything changed when I added this preamp. I would go Shindo with Shindo.
I'll third the Shindo recommendation. The Mac gear is fine, but if you want music the Shindo combination is magical.
Thanks everyone for your advices. Now I will need to sell the mac and buy the Shindo. What is a fair price for the Shindo Aurieges in good condition?
Thanks again,
The Aurieges price would depend on which version you need. The L version is LINE Stage only, while the MM has built in phono.
Hello again,
i am happy to report that I have purchased the Aurieges last month. I like it better than the Mcintosh when pairing with my Montille😊. Thanks for the recommendations gentlemen. I appreciate your help.

Congratulations, nice to hear how it turned out and that you're enjoying your new preamp!
Yes, I am a  Shindo Addicted now. I just bought a pair of Shindo Silver Interconnect and still breaking in. 😋