Mcintosh C2800 and C55

I saw that Mcintosh just came out with 2 new preamps.  What are your thoughts on these units based on the specs?  Any reason to upgrade from the C2700 or C53?

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I was wondering the same thing.  I had a C2300 and replaced it with a Audio Research LS28SE which was a dramatic improvement.  Basically, there is an entire world of detail that the C2300 simply can't resolve.   I was wondering if the C2800 would have a sonic improvement over the C2300 and asked Mcintosh this question but have not heard back yet.  

I am interested in the high/low pass functions but the manual is not very clear on if the crossover point is fully adjustable or what the slopes are. The information in the manual is worthless regarding the crossover. 

it will probably sound just like the older 2700/C53 with new features. Price is up $1000 and that is probably more due to Bidenomics than anything. 

I have the c49 and was considering swapping to the c2700 and now will need to compare them.