McIntosh C45 - A truly hidden gem?

I am running a McIntosh C45 preamp with MC601's amps and XRT 28's speakers.

In the everlasting upgrade craze, I have now tried a Mcintosh C2200, C2300, C46, C47, C48 and C200 in my system and I keep going back to my beloved C45.

Is it just me or is the C45 an underrated performer?

In my system:
C2200 - Too tubey. Gorgeous vocals, not enough "oomph" with rock music.
C2300 - Gorgeous vocals, beautiful mid-bass, not enough "rock music" bass.
C46 - I didn't care for the equalizer much. Sound was pretty much identical to the C45
C47 - Great bass, great highs, mids - too fatiguing.
C48 - Too dark. Not as musical as the C45. took all the fun out fo my system.
C200 - Same as C48. Dark, quiet, great bass, not as musical in my opinion.

Has anyone else had the same experience with a C45?
Never had a C45 but my C2500 preamp and MC302 amp makes gorgeous music in my main system. I never cared for all solid state and always got my best results with a tube preamp and solid state amp. I am driving a pair of GE Triton Reference speakers.  
I've been considering this one myself. I had a C48, but didn't like it, thought about the C46, but don't like the eq high-end centered on 4k instead of 10k like the older units. I'm currently using a C15, which I keep coming back to, but sometimes it seems a bit shrill on some music.
So what do you specifically like about the C45, and do you use it for 2 channel only, or do you use it in 6 channel for home theater only? Do you have the TM-1 tuner module installed, and if so, is it any good?
I'm also using a MC7200 amp with ADS 1590/2 speakers. 
I really like the 3D sound of it. If you stand in the sweet spot you can swear that the vocals are coming from the center, like there's a hidden center speaker in between the mains.
The highs and mids are very sweet and non fatiguing. I like having analog Bass/Treble knobs. I wish it had a bit more mid-bass, but the pros outweigh the cons soundwise.
I use it solely for 2-channel stereo. The TM-1 tuner module is installed, radio sounds good but I'm no good judge - most of my listening is to records and cds.

Sorry to bring up an old thread, but I was wondering on your observations (in my system), were your comments on the C47, C48 concerning just as a preamp and you did not utilize their DACs?

I'm in the market for a preamp and maybe DAC too.

Thank you.