McIntosh C48 Audio Preamp info

I'd like to hear from anyone who's purchased the new McIntosh C48 Audio Preamp. Has Mac changed the volume control back to what they used to be, and not the 213-step attenuator used lately i.e. the C42, C45, C46? How does the sound compare to their previous preamps, with a less cluttered system? Any other observations would be welcome, as I'm considering buying this one!
Alan, you responded to me on ur pre-amp which you wish u still had.
Don't know how to contact a member on the site, unless you leave a post on a thread. But I'm looking for the same pre-amp too. Hit me up At
Maybe we can help each other find the one for the right price.
Only you can tell if you will like it. Go and listen to one and use your own ears. Really that is the best advise you can give yourself. In your system would be ideal. Mac makes great gear and it always musical.