McIntosh dealer discount ?

I’m about to retire my McIntosh preamp after 35 years. I’m looking at the current C22 And do not want to buy anything used. I know this is an older discussion, but Are there any dealers out there that will discount new purchases? Thanks


The numbers that I have received on a trade are ridiculous. I can sell them out right for twice that. The dealers then will use the full retail value to give me a discount based on the trade-in, which is nothing.  Bottom line trade-in is a joke

I like McI’s. Which one you could part with?  May u send me a private message?

I got a discount on my MC462. Got a discount on my D1100 and a discount on my MC1.25 monos.

No discount was never even a question.


I generally receive 10-20% off msrp from my dealer. It's not something I'm strident about but I usually get something 

I've been a loyal customer and have made a number of purchases which I'm sure makes a difference. No reason not to ask


When I was shopping for an integrated 2 years ago (I decided to go with Luxman), three different McIntosh dealers within driving distance (80 miles or so) offered approx 15% if I ordered thru them. One had a demo unit of the prior model and offered 20% or so. You need to contact by phone and make sure you let them know if you are out of town.