McIntosh dealer discount ?

I’m about to retire my McIntosh preamp after 35 years. I’m looking at the current C22 And do not want to buy anything used. I know this is an older discussion, but Are there any dealers out there that will discount new purchases? Thanks


Many dealers will only discount systems, where they can bury the discount on a price-controlled piece on another component that isn't price controlled. For instance, when I sold gear, you could not sell JBL's for less than MSRP or you'd likely lose the franchise. But other gear we sold was not price restricted, so we wrote up the JBL's at list price and knocked 25%,35% or even 40% off the price of some other piece(s). McIntosh was once strictly price controlled and usually had only one or two dealers in a market, but under the new ownership, where they are offering franchises willy-nilly it seems, a dealer may be more willing to deal. Just my two cents.

  Retail price control is still happening. I’m not a McIntosh owner , but I did notice that a brick and mortar store was featuring a large stock of new and used McIntosh gear. I happened to check the manufacturer web site for authorized dealers and this particular store was not listed. I have in the past intentionally purchased gray market items. They are new and sealed items, but carry no warranty. So be aware to check on your dealer. I have also received discounts from authorized dealers by politely asking if they offered a discount. The least I received was a 10% discount and free shipping. Happy Shopping , Mike B.  

You don't dont the saying goes.

My take is dont talk price with a dealer unless you are ready to buy.



I imagine one way to give a discount on a price controlled item would be to give an inflated trade in credit.