McIntosh -- good for show, not for sound, says dealer

More unvarnished truth from YouTube.
"real audiophiles...know it doesn't sound that good"

Real audiophiles -- be aware. You've been read the Riot Act. 



@sfseay I really don't care for MacIntosh either. I prefer PCs. McIntosh on the other hand, I love! 


Mikey is nothing but a used car salesmen. He only likes the brands that he sells. Once he looses the brand, he starts to crap on them. AGD for example. For many years he loved AGD, now looses the brand, and decides to put out a video comparing the JR125 to the AGD Tempo. Not on the fly comparsions like he normal does, but start and cut video with the speakers out of sight. I have nothing against JR as I'm sure it's great but to come out with this video right after he looses the line is suspicious. I purchased two pieces over the past few years from Mikey and was not happy both times. Never again.  

Wow! @hilde45 , you really got everyone to come out today!!!

Since we are all voicing our's mine.

I don't see many absolutes here.  First, is McIntosh great gear? Yes. Have they had some flops? Yes.  But the brand, the build, the effort, the commitment, service, resale, and yes the sound are great (usually).  

McIntosh is a special brand.  If someone doesn't like it, for any reason, that's cool.  Vote with your pocketbook.  

With respect to OCD Mikey,  I actually like the guy.  I'm not saying he's right or he's awesome.  I just think he reminds me of someone passionate about his hobby who is spouting off a bit.  I wouldn't mind having a beer with someone like him just to hear the passion.  If you love food, watches, cars, hifi, talking about it is a piece of the passion.  

But then again, I've sort of lost the taste for judging humans much these days.

Now, I've never owned a piece of McIntosh gear (but I've been around piles of it in my life). This thread makes me want to order up a nice little Mac amp and get one in my room!!!  

Boy, I'm susceptible to things.....  

Person A-- I hate pretty cake. Those pretty cakes are stupid. It should be about the taste only.

Me-- Hmmmm... I wasn't even thinking about pretty cake, let alone cake today....I want to have some pretty cake now!!



PS. I once heard five figures of Mac gear driving Sonus Faber Olympicas.  Then the store clerk swapped in some top end Rotel gear.  Oh my, I just so happened to like that pairing better.  Still, I'm thinking I should get some Mac gear in here!

Great thread.   

How can anybody have a problem with an American made product that is 75 years old? 150 hard working folks build some great stuff for us to enjoy. What’s not to like ?. Oh btw, Mikey needs some professional grade help.