mcintosh home theater pre-amp tuners.

I have a McIntosh mx132 home theater pre-amp tuner. it's list price was 7k. I see on ebay that many of these, mx130, mx135 and so on doesn't retain their value. is there a reason for this and where doe's mine stand?
  I recently bought a mint MX-132 on ebay for $1,200. The seller had just had it factory reconditioned with all new software. It looks and sounds great. 
If you are using the MX132 only for 2 channel listening, I believe you will hear significant improvement in sound quality matching a dedicated McIntosh preamp with your MC602. I tried a MX136 against a C2300 and it wasn't even close for 2 channel. 
scorpio1951, i bought my mx132 from audio classics about 3 years ago from audio classics for $1200.00.  my son gave me the mc602. i bought the mx132 because it was what i could afford.