McIntosh is now inside a Jeep luxury car.

Is this a good thing for the company? It's a nice looking set up inside the car but it's a Jeep. Couldn't they have found a better partner, maybe jaguar or Mercedes or maybe even a Volvo.


Jeep is an acronym for General Purpose Vehicle....I have a Porsche with a "high end" Burmeister sound system..pretty crappy,


You have Great taste in cars, audio components, and artwork, and a nice place to sit down.  And you play the fiddle.  I hope you’re eating healthy

It has been an option on Jeep for the last two years already. The funny thing is that there are no actual blue McIntosh VU meters. They are just images displayed on the center console screen. It's a bargain for a McIntosh product — $2500 option on the 2024 Jeep Cherokee.

I can’t believe this glorified Jeep is a six digit price tag. The inside is very roomy and nice. But it’s as big as a tank and probably uses a ton of gas.


I hate the computerized displays on cars . The simplicity of what used to be a few levers and dials and now I gotta deal with A touchscreen display for every conceivable thing. Who agreed to this nightmarish computerized existence . I remember automatic windows and that was a good thing and they should’ve stopped there.