McIntosh-Keep the Classics or Sell for Newer Gear?

I'm intersted in your opinions. I've got some great classic McIntosh gear - MC2300 power amp, C32 preamp as well as great MR7083 tuner. All in good shape cometically and functionally. All the gear is single Dad...and now I'm the proud owner. I'm really happy with the performance I'm getting. Has given new life to my music collection. But am I missing out on an opportunity? Question for any die-hard McIntosh fans...should I hold on to the gear and just be thankful I can call myself a McIntosh owner? Or would I be better off selling and use the money towards a more modern...but affordable integrated solution from McIntosh (ex. MA6600 or MA6300)? Any words of wisdom out there?
Having owned several Mac products including a MC2300 and currently a MC402 Id say your amp cant compare....but having said, that since its yor fathers Id keep the stuff,use it until funds allow for better gear and maybe passed it along to your offspring..IMO
I would keep it forever given the source, but I would have to say if they weren't from your Dad I'd dump it all, capacitors don't last forever....