McIntosh MA 230 versus modern integrated tube amps

I bought a McIntosh MA 230 build in 1966. Looks great!

I've big folded horn corner speakers (lowther Opus One) with a Unison Research Simply Two integrated amplifier (tube single ended, 10 watt per channel). So probably an ideal combination, as I need with more then 100bd - 1Watt efficiency , just a few clean Watts.

I still wonder how my McIntosh MA 230 will compare/compete with that modern equipment, once restored! I find very little information about the quallities of the McIntosh MA 230 compared to other McIntosh integrated amplifiers or other brands ,integrated amplifiers. So it is difficult to know what to
expect from a McIntosh MA 230 in the year 2000 plus !!!
Would be glad to be enlightend!
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I agree, very tubey and hollow sound. You would probably need to spend a fortune to bring it up to specs and still have a mediocre integrated at best. I had 3 Klipsch speakers at the time, Cornwall, Forte and Heresy and none sounded good with the MA230. The new MA2275 will easily crush the MA230, nice collectors piece however and there will always be a good demand for it.
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