McIntosh MA-6900 Integrated Amp - Your Thoughts?

I have a McIntosh MA-6900 (200 watts, iconic looks, etc)driving a pair of Paradigm Reference Signature Six speakers. My sources are a basic CD player and an iPod (connected to Wadia i170 and Bryston DAC). To me, the sound is good but you know how this hobby is - there alwyas might be something better....I would be very interested in anyone's opinion of this setup and any improvements you might suggest.
Thank you.
You have a nice system as it is. First suggestion would be to buy some new music, or break out some of your old tunes you have not listened too for some time. It is all about the music after all.

Second, you may wish to try different speakers, as I think they make the biggest difference. But as it is a hobby you may just want to exchange what you have for something else. It may not be better, but for you fresh. Have fun!
Be sure to try reversing your speaker cables +/- because it inverts polarity.