McIntosh MA12000 is it worth upgrading to.

I'm thinking about upgrading from a MA452 power amp and a MC70 tube preamp, to the MA12000. I like the built in dac. and 8 tone controls. USB connection and more balanced inputs. It would also take up less space.The tube pre section has less distortion.03 MC70 .08 but the power side is 350wpc compared to the 452 at 450wpc. I love my system amazing sound and sound stage would like some feedback if worth the investment. McIntosh as of May 1, is offering 75% of the original MSP, till the end of June. I would appreciate all feedback pro or con.


McIntosh is offering to buy back your equipment at 75% of original MSP. until end of June.

I like my MA12000, but use it with external DAC and phono stage.  I’ve never used the tone controls and don’t understand their inclusion.  I assume that properly selected separates might provide better sound, but not sure this is true within the McIntosh family of amps and preamps.

Ask yourself if adding a better DAC to your present setup might provide more pleasing results than trading “up”.

Do it! You’ll love it! It’s an amazing, amazing piece of equipment. I think that it’s a sweet deal that Macintosh is doing. I’m going to try and take advantage of it myself.