McIntosh MA12000 is it worth upgrading to.

I'm thinking about upgrading from a MA452 power amp and a MC70 tube preamp, to the MA12000. I like the built in dac. and 8 tone controls. USB connection and more balanced inputs. It would also take up less space.The tube pre section has less distortion.03 MC70 .08 but the power side is 350wpc compared to the 452 at 450wpc. I love my system amazing sound and sound stage would like some feedback if worth the investment. McIntosh as of May 1, is offering 75% of the original MSP, till the end of June. I would appreciate all feedback pro or con.


Do it! You’ll love it! It’s an amazing, amazing piece of equipment. I think that it’s a sweet deal that Macintosh is doing. I’m going to try and take advantage of it myself.

75% of MSRP for trade in ??? Sounds like desperation. Hopefully they're not in trouble too. Shows how much margin is available to play around with - and - next we'll either be seeing the trade in pieces appearing somewhere at high prices or- the roll out of the "Certified McIntosh" program...

I don't understand why you would spent that much cash on a machine you only use as an power amp. My 452 is an amazing power amp would only upgrade to the 462  or a new 12000 for the tone controls and the Dac. And the added connections Is the Dac not that good,  can't believe Mc. wouldn't be using weak chips. And my phono stage is fine, I don't get it. My system sounds amazing, I only want to upgrade not to spend crazy dollars on Dac's and to use less space.  


I have a C2700 feeding a pair of MC611s. As far as the DAC in the C2700 goes, it will compete with anything up to $5K. It is crazy good for an almost "add-on" piece of equipment. I do run an additional DAC, and it is clearly better than the DA2 module; however, the DAC retails for $19K! The fun is when switching back and forth; the MAC puts a smile on my face!

You absolutely don’t want a built in dac  ,a Quality dedicated dac is so much better.

withut question , why do you want to change your current electronics ?what is your budget for a dedicated dac ? Please remember your Ethernet cables ,as well as usb cables make a huge difference , in your case I would recommend the Denafrips Pontus2 12 th anniversary dac ,with the Iris DDC upsampler which clears the signal then has a better master clock for $2500 a no brainer ,

it has a I2S input which is the best Wireworld HDMI has the exact pin out for the I2S cable -HDMI , the Mac dac not even close in musicality . I have heard most everything from McIntosh , this applies to all ,a good external dac is much better 

for you just have much area for isolation ,power supplies and better parts quality .