McIntosh MA252 or Pathos Classic One mkIII

Interested in upgrading my Jolida integrated amp. My initial search finds me
attacked to both the McIntosh ma252 and the Pathos Classic One mkIII.
Looking for recommendations and thoughts on these two options.
Thanks in advance.

I would lean toward the McIntosh.  Personal preference though.  I think that Mc is more musical and engaging.  
That’s exactly the size room that the 252 is designed for. I tried a few different brands and the Macintosh stuff has been awesome. It sounds great if there’s a problem to answer the phone when you call. And it holds it’s value very well I bought almost 3/4 of my stuff used and I’ve never had a problem and paid half what retail was
Thanks raysmtb1, I got a Chance to listen to the 252 this afternoon for about 2 hrs. Very impressive, the mids were lush and the imaging was stellar. So I pulled the trigger on a 252 this 
I get back to you on my impressions with my gear.
In case the OP is still in doubt which amp. Today I auditioned the pathos vs MA252 head to head driving Sonus Faber Olympica 2. The MA252 is more muscular amp having better attack, dynamics, decay, grunt and slightly better timbral accuracy. On the other hand Pathos is more refined, more tube like, deeper soundstage but lacks in bass and treble extension when compared to MA252. Think of the McIntosh like a solid state sound while pathos is more tube like. The pathos may sound more compressed when you directly compare to the MA, but in my opinion it's more neutral and you will appreciate more in long term listening sessions. However, Both are great amplifiers, choose what you like most.