Mcintosh MC 2002 or mc 7200

I have two questions. I am wondering what differences in sound between these 2 amps. I have a set of Klipschorns and currently running 2a3 tubes. With either amp, I also am looking for suggestions on a Mac preamp SS or tube.
I owned a 2002, as well as other Macs, many years ago, and liked the 2002. It is designed without the Autoformers, which in my opinion, is a better sounding design(please Mc owners do not attack me). I am not familiar with the 7200, other than to say it is getting much positive feedback. It was rumored at the time of my ownership, that the 2002 was a design by Nelson Pass, but I have nothing to go on other than rumor.
I have owned both amps, and currently own the 7200. It is a much better sounding amp, and has more oomph in the low end, to my way of thinking. I also hate the autoformers, so this is the Mac amp for me. I doubt that the 2002 was designed by Nelson Pass, knowing Mac management. As far as a Mac pre, you don't specify your $ range, and the door is wide open for their pre's. I would like to try out the new C48 ($4800) ouch, but I have liked the C37, C712, C15.
You won't be sorry with a 7200 amp, believe me.
As for the pre... I have been considering a c2300 but until I decide whether I will keep this amp I was thinking something upto 1500$. I previously owned a mx132 which I sold when I discovered tubes. I was impressed with it although with only a 2 channel rig it seemed excessive.