McIntosh mc 2105 w/mac1700 and Bose 901 speakers w/equalizer

The above is my anticipated setup. I haven’t purchased a receiver yet because I don’t know if it can support the four Bose 901 speakers I have plus two CD players. Any help is appreciated
So you just want to use The MAC 1700 as a preamp? It has main and remote speaker switches for both pairs of speakers but there is no preamp out to use your MC 2105.
You will have to move to a MAC 1900 or later for preamp out or even better get a preamp/tuner combo like the MX110 since you have an amplifier already.
You need alot of power for those 901s at least 100 wpc.I know I used to own 901sseries 2,but I used a different equalizer than the one supplied. 
The 17-1900 ARE old. The 2105 is a great unit, as long as it was taken care of. The MX110 is great but OLD. Look I'm saying this because I've owned all of them, and still own 2 110Z, C8,11, 20, 2500, and MX120.

The 110 is the best of the lower price preamps, and a great tuner, they are not cheap to go through, but better. The 110s, still shares a PS with the tuner though.

Your better off with a NEWER preamp, or integrated. It doesn't have to be Mac does it?.  Here is a good one I use it with a C20. It gives me a remote, to boot, a Parasound Zpre3. That would fix a lot of the issues for a good price, and give you a sub out, with/without volume control. 

The Bose, all the power you can come up with, that is a tough speaker, not the best sounding speaker though, but tough.

Thanks for the responses!  I'll look at all options and btw, they are awesome sounding speakers!