mcintosh MC 7270 or mc 7200

I am narrowing things down to several mac amps. I have a C39 pre, klipschorns. I am currently running tubes but have always loved the mcintosh gear. I had a MX132 and did like that but tubes took over. Now, I am staring a second system and have some mad money to play with. Once again, just looking for thoughts and opinions.
The 7270 weighs 82 lbs without packing but is a keeper as is the 7200.I might look at a small tube amp with KHorns but its all good,B

I personally prefer the MC7270, which has the autoformers.

It is the first really modern amplifier built by McIntosh.

F.Y.I. I have owned both.

Dave43, +1

Couldn't have said it better!!!!!!!!!

My 7200 is stil going strong, too!