McIntosh MC 901 vs MC 3500 Mk2

Has anyone actually listened to and compared the McIntosh MC 901 to the MC 3500 Mk2 with bi-ampable speakers? I love my MC 3500 Mk2s with my Focal Scala Utopia III, but often wonder if the MC 901 would have been a better match.


I'm curious to know how things are going and your contemplation of a 901, which I'm looking at.

Thanks for responding.

I'm trying to figure out the benefit of upgrading from McIntosh 600 W monos (611) to 901.  Basically layering a 2301 300 watt mac amp on top of a 611 for biamp purposes.  All this to support a b&w 802 D3. 

the 3500 is a beast I'm glad to hear you like them.